Chill Man’s Sky; Invaders!

Chill Man’s Sky; Invaders!

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Chill Man’s Sky; Invaders!

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At the end of the day, I’m not above a little self-promotion


And now for something completely different.

I finally got around to making my demon hunter in WoW, and now that I’ve done it and experienced the opening (Horde style), I don’t think I’ll be following through with the class. I’m not a melee person, so while I enjoy the double jump and gliding aspects of being a DH, the class doesn’t “do it” for me.

2016-08-10 20_56_20-Greenshot

The other night the indomitable Mindstrike and I teamed up for an Invasion in the Northern Barrens by way of Stormwind, on our normal everyday capped characters. I enjoyed this intro scenario that sent us up against Gul’dan, particularly the part where {spoilers} the Alliance players were stuck on one shore, the Horde players stuck on the other shore, and Gul’Dan’s demonic minion caught between us. Despite the outcome presented in the much lauded cut-scene (Alliance style) at the end, it was kind of cool to see the Alliance and Horde working together like that. {End spoilers, and sorry, feed-reader readers…I can’t white-out the text for you}

Invasions are basically public quests present in many MMOs these days (GW2, RIFT, and even Champions Online and the shuttered Warhammer Online had em). Visit a zone, head to the source of the disturbance, and fight through several phases of encounters. They usually start with a low level invasion in phase one, escalate to a mini-bosses in phase two, have the participants fan out and take out invaders across the zone in phase three, and then have everyone reconvene at the epicenter for the fourth and final phase (at least that’s the pattern for the two Kalimdor invasions I’ve done thus far). At the end, you’ll get a minor and a major chest of goods, which usually contain item-level gear appropriate for your character and level, and some other odds-and-ends specific to the Legion expansion (something with “fel” in the name, usually). This is a great way to get characters geared for the start of the expansion proper, but since invasions are supposedly the first content featuring the auto-scale mechanic, any character over level ten can get involved and get appropriate gear.

2016-08-10 20_12_17-Greenshot

This is all well and good for us at the tip of the expansion spear, but what will become of invasions a week or two after Legion‘s official launch when everyone has the low level gear they need to start grinding out the new zones for even better gear? The fantastic Stargrace of MMOQuests fame also wants to know. As anyone who’s played other games which feature public quests can tell you, participating in these events is awesome, but as soon as people outgrow them, good luck finding anyone to help you out if you roll up with a new or lower level character. Trion had to dumb down their rifts in RIFT to decay in difficulty the longer they were open just so players could eventually solo them to completion. I suspect that Blizzard has more of an eye towards GW2‘s structure, where the level scale by content and zone allows players to move between public quests organically without worrying about risk vs reward.

I’ve got a few more pieces of gear to collect for my MMH, so I’ll probably try and do at least two invasions a night if I am able. I’m not sure if I’ll focus on my lowbies in this regard, since the sky isn’t their limit and what’s currently “level appropriate” for them will get washed out quickly. I also still have my level 100 boost token, but I’m not sure who to give that to. I don’t know if I’ve found any class, race, or server that grabs me at this point.

2016-08-10 19_43_47-Greenshot