A Tough Decision

Posted by on Aug 19, 2016 in Featured, World of Warcraft

A Tough Decision

One of the perks of pre-purchasing the Legion expansion was the instant 100 boost token that allows me to jump the line and make or promote a character to the current level cap. We also got one of these for Warlords of Draenor to boost one character to the then-level cap, so it seems that Blizzard’s M.O. is going to be one free FastPass per expansion when there’s a cap increase.



Amerae, Draenei Marksman Hunter of Argent Dawn and Wearer of the Pigtails of Draenor

For many of the long-time players, this is a chance to add their stable of capped characters on one of many servers. For people like me, however, these tokens are worth the gold they’re rendered as, seeing as how my play style could be considered to be “glacial” at best. Without the benefit of a player support structure, heirloom gear, or other leveling boosts, this token represents my best shot at being able to actually play content that I’m buying into. I’ve written in the past that I don’t like to buy DLC when I don’t get to use it, since it’s often aimed at the level capped players, but I’ve always bought WoW expansions either because I could start over with a new character, class, and zone (WotLK, Pandaria), because the expansion changes the experience (Cataclysm), or because it gives me one of these boost tokens (WoD, Legion).

The big question for me is this: which character and class to boost? I don’t have a stable of alts, just a few that I’ve created to more or less test drive whenever I end up subscribing to the game. My oldest character is Amarae the Hunter. She was the recipient of the WoD boost, and has since earned her way to 100, although she’s not unlocked all of the WoD content out there (still no flying in Draenor). My original Vanilla launch character, Aldort the Mage, was lost at sea during the events of Cataclysm (just kidding — I had deleted him long before that in a fit of rage). Right now I have another Mage, a Priest, and a Druid, all of whom are somewhere between levels 15 and 25.

I opted to boost my Druid, mainly because I find that the Druid is an all around OK class, allowing for some DPS, some healing, and even some light tanking should the need arise. My characters in MMOs tend to trend to towards the DPS corner of the trinity, although RIFT got me interested in the healing role. As primarily a soloist, I figured that the Druid could provide a good set of options for different play styles, without having to change the character.


Supercabra, Worgen Druid of Daleran, First of his Name, and Responder to “Who’s A Good Boy?”

Last night I tackled the Legion intro content which for me was quite the revelation; not because of the content, but because the default spec of Feral Druid is a melee character, which is usually last on my list of class mechanics that I gravitate to. I also jumped into the Invasions afterward in order get some better gear before the pending release. The freebie stuff I got from the boost is certainly usable, but now that I can use this character to prep for the expansion content, I’d best go all in. I closed him out by visiting my garrison, which is, of course, at it’s initial skeleton levels (complete with not-quite-dead-yet King Varian!) and therefore pretty much useless, although considering the hate garrisons get these days, I’m wondering if it’s even worth dealing with at this point.

I suppose the question is whether or not both of my current capped characters will get any play during Legion, or if I’ll just favor one over the other. I am most comfortable with the Ranger (on Argent Dawn), but am interested in learning about the Druid (on Dalaran). As someone who’s not a huge fan of repeating content, having two characters progressing through the Legion expansion almost side by side sounds like something I’d rather forego, but who knows…if the content is compelling enough from a presentation standpoint (I’m not up on the WoW lore so the story might be interesting, but holds no emotional resonance for me) I might be OK leapfrogging one character over another. If anything, it’ll take me twice as long to get my capped characters to the new cap, so if Legion is worth it’s salt, then I should end up playing WoW for quite some time this time around.