My One Issue With Legion

My One Issue With Legion

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My One Issue With Legion

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I’m thinking that my plan at this point is to put the game aside. I played it semi-religiously when it launched, having done the pre-release events every single day and getting some serious levels for my Mage (though nothing like the power-levelers achieved), so maybe it’s just burn-out at this point. I’d been contemplating this for a while, since I realized that I couldn’t complete the first weapon story arc without doing a dungeon run, which made me much more sad than it did angry. Overall, I think that Legion is probably the best move Blizzard had to make in order to justify WoW‘s evergreen position as the #1 MMO in the West, but I can’t fault them for not getting everything 100% awesome for me, personally, at this time. I’m hoping that coming back to the game maybe in 2017 will give me fresh perspective and a renewed desire to make the push through the final four levels (at least on my main character).