Games I’d Really Like To Play

Games I’d Really Like To Play

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Games I’d Really Like To Play

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Mechwarrior Online

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Any MMO, Really

MMOs will always be near and dear to my heart, and most games listed here are “_MO” anyway. Many people look at MMOs as having very narrow gameplay requirements — you need to min/max, internalize the mechanics, gear up, raid, and most of all, play with other people. Fact is, I’ve always loved MMOs for their always-on, persistent nature, that things keep on keeping on while you’re sleeping. The world doesn’t always change, but you know there’s activity going on. The need for carrots for retention also keep the game expanding for years, well beyond what we can expect from any single player game. There’s always the possibility of making a home in an MMO…if you’ve got the support network.

That’s been my critical failure in the MMO realm, and why my love of the genre is also a hate-relationship. My gaming friends and I are all pretty much alike in that we’re creatures of experience who value a lot of broad opportunities over a specific and narrow ecosystem. We are ships that pass in the night, playing different games at different times, or even if we’re playing the same game at the same time, contrived barriers keep us apart — servers, factions, time-zones, previous commitments, and so on. Playing with people has never been my forte, and I seem to have fallen in with a specific crowd for whom commitment to game and group is on the same level as mine. I’m not the type to butt into someone’s established group, and few groups seem as welcoming to new folks as their recruitment pamphlets would lead us to believe.

No matter what the game, though, I’ll keep trying to find the time, the push, or the reason to maybe give it one more shot. Things change, people change — including me and what I’m able to deal with.