CitizenCon 2016

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CitizenCon 2016

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Each update also brings with it new ships and vehicles, whether they’re variants on existing ships, or concept ships making their debut. Most of the ships that seem to be in the pipeline are the larger or more specialized ships, so it’ll be quite exciting to see these “exotic” vehicles making their way into the game.

From Space to Wreckage

Thankfully, RSI didn’t let us down and leave without a new video. I’ll embed it here, and I urge you to watch it before you continue reading, and hopefully you’ll better understand my enthusiasm.

I was simulcasting this with a friend, who rightfully noticed that the into looked suspiciously pre-rendered, and I agree. There’s a nice orchestral bit, not a hell of a lot going on, and then some sudden transition to a Constellation-class Aquila that makes the whole thing look like it was made before the presentation. However, the segment right before this one (if you scrub back) talks all about their artist-driven procedurally generated worlds and how they used their tools to build worlds like the one in the video above, so while the planet was no doubt prepared ahead of time, we shouldn’t argue about the semantics of the word “procedurally”, since most people get it wrong anyway.

For those who can’t spare the bandwidth to watch the video — although you should at some point, to get the Full Impact — the video starts off in the Connie, tracking down a distress beacon. The player at the controls finds a place to land and then brings out the Ursa, a six-wheeled ATV that’s the hallmark of the Aquila. On the way to the beacon, the player is attacked by — let’s be honest — sandpeople who have set an ambush point that destroys the Ursa. The player takes out the nomads and finds that the beacon was meant to draw in unsuspecting victims, but it’s still a real beacon that leads to additional beacons. The player steals one of the nomad’s Dragonflies which are — let’s be honest — speederbikes that can be obtained in the game, and heads off to the next beacon. This one leads the player to the crash of a Javelin-class destroyer which is crawling with more nomads. This scenario is particularly noteworthy for three main reasons: first, the skeleton of the ship is a real ship and not just a specially constructed placeable. If you strip a Javelin model of its armor plating, what you’d get is what’s lying in the sand (this was covered in another “Around the Verse” videos). Second, we get to see the scale of the Javelin compared to the nomads who are patrolling it. Third and most spectacularly, the sandstorm in back (seen in the YouTube still) is real.

The player takes out a few nomads using a sniper rifle, a stealth takedown with a knife, and a sidearm. After weathering the storm that passes overhead, he tries to find a way out of the wreckage, but notices several more nomads approaching on their Dragonflies…but that’s not the worst of it, so I encourage you to watch the video if you haven’t already.