Elite Dangerous: Steerage Edition

Elite Dangerous: Steerage Edition

Posted by on Oct 27, 2016 in Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous: Steerage Edition

Sadly, I haven’t gotten to really work with the latest Elite Dangerous update to the extent I’d like to. I jumped in last night, a day after it was released, and had two whammies working against me. 

The first was that I was trying to set up OBS to stream ahead of Extra Life on November 5th of this year. It’s a Known Issue that the Windows 10 “Anniversary Update” screwed up video, specifically video cameras, because Win 10 now allows for camera sharing between applications at the same time, which apparently screws up the decoding of compressed video. What that that mean? Every app that uses a webcam since…I dunno, the Kennedy Administration…that relied on compressed video for quality purposes is S.O.L. The OBS forums are putting the “blame” on Microsoft (which is a recognized national sport) even though the reason why Microsoft did it is so cameras aren’t unavailable for systems like their Hello facial recognition and Hololens hardware. The issue is that OBS would work for a while, but would then sieze up. Since I have it running on my secondary monnitor, I wouldn’t notice for quite some time, and since I rarely get any viewers, there’s no one there to tell me that things are getting squirrley. 

Anyway, The Magnificent Otterdown of Twitter fame suggested I turn off OBS’ preview window. This is the “feedback monitor” that streamers use to keep an eye on how well OBS is working. After doing that, the stream seemed to be working just fine. I’m assuming that the webcam usage in OBS is fighting with other software that’s also trying to access the camera…It might even be OBS itself: streaming the camera through one input, and displaying it in the monitor through another. By turning one of them off, it frees up the camera to do whatever it needs to do without interruption. 

That’s the answer I’m running with. 

The second whammie I ran into was that I don’t have a ship that can work with the new Passengers update. There were two big additions to the 2.2 patch. The first was passengers. Passengers are a new kind of cargo we can take, but which behaves differently from the usual banannas and textitles we’re asked to cart around. First, you need a passenger cabin, and the quality of the cabin determines the quality of the passengers. Second, passengers have weird requests. Some people want you to go on a sightseeing tour to the hinterlands of the universe. Others want you to stop off and buy them some nachos (not kidding, although they want more appropriate luxuries for the Elite Dangerous universe). Not only do you need to get people to their destination, which may or may not be legal, but you need to keep them happy. If you don’t, you’ll get reduced rewards, and worst case scenario, they’ll take your escape pods and leave your ship like it’s on fire (which it very well might be). 

The thing is, some of the missions pay a shitload of money. One passenger fare was paying out six million credits, but I would have had to move that person many, many lightyears away. I had a time window of several weeks to accomplish this, and that kind of made me sad because I don’t have that kind of time to dedicate to just flying someone out to the elbow of the galaxy, and that lead me to another realization. 

I don’t have a ship that can handle this. The second update was the addition of a fight craft that you can store in your ship and either remotely pilot or hire an NPC to pilot for you. My Type 6 isn’t large enough for either the passenger cab or the fighter hanger, and to get a ship that is, I need a lot more money. Considering I’ve been playing since the game has launched, and I only have almost 3 million, these cool new additions to the game are well out of my reach, and will be for some time. Maybe never. I could get the money if I had a ship that could take a passenger cab and if I had the time to fly them way out there for big paydays, but…I don’t. And I don’t see how I can. Catch 22. 

Once again, the curse of the expansion hits me: great stuff that I’m excited about, but I can’t use any of it because it’s aimed at people who are significantly farther along the progression curve than I’ll ever be.