The Floor Is (Not) Lava

The Floor Is (Not) Lava

Posted by on Jan 27, 2017 in Adventure Co.

The Floor Is (Not) Lava

So the party disrobed the robed cultists and set off across the barren wasteland that was the surrounding area of the Well of Dragons. 

Dressed as cultists meant that they could (theoretically) pass unchallenged in an area where there is very little by way of meaningful cover. Chromatic dragons wheeled overhead, fighting and bickering amongst themselves, while the scale of the army encamped on the side of the inactive volcano was made ever more clear the closer the party got to the Well itself. 

Seizing upon some information given to them by the rogue-come-lately alliance member from the Zhentarim back in Waterdeep, the party searched for the unused lava flow tunnel on the south side of the volcano. The entrance was marked by a few well-arranged boulders and sloped downwards like the entrance to a storm cellar. The barbarian set to work moving some of the rubble the clogged the passageway before noting that the blockage was merely an illusion; the tunnel was accessible via a tight squeeze around the pile. 

Further down, however, the tunnel was actually blocked, but once again the barbarian shifted the debris so the party could make it through. 

The party chose to take the passage to the east before doubling back to check out a north-traveling tunnel that ultimately opened out into the dry and cracked caldera. The lava tunnel was exposed to the outside courtesy of a massive sinkhole at the bottom of which was a pit of dragon bones. Seeing no benefit to joining the refuse pile, the party returned to the eastern tunnel.

 At an intersection, the group me their first batch of cultists. The barbarian took out one of them, while the bard mesmerized two of the remaining four. Three of these four were dispatched, but the warlock wanted to extract some information from the remaining guard. Casting a friendship spell, the warlock and party were able to extract information about the Well from their prisoner but had to slay him before moving on in order to cover their tracks. 

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We had a bit of a delay last night during which we discussed board games. 

There’s not a lot to say about this session, though. It went smoothly and by the book. Assuming the guise of the cultists to get to the volcano was one of the legit strategies put forth by the module itself, although I had to remind the group of what the Zhentarim rep had said about how to get into the important fortress undetected

The party seemed really focused on disrupting the draakhorn, which was obviously present in the facility. It could be heard bleating out its call, and it’s presence was verified by the hypnotized guard member they interrogated. Despite the constant din of activity, and the near perpetual sounding of the draakhorn, the noises in the cavern aren’t deafening, which was an assumption made that almost lead to the liberal application of Thunderwave…an action which most certainly would have been noticed even above the hubbub in the echoing chambers. 

The guard told the party about the prisoners who were held in the cavern, and about how they were being used as sacrifices by the Red Wizards to power the ritual in the giant temple that was raised in the center of the caldera. The gang has an idea to possibly free the prisoners in an effort to sow confusion within the Well, so we’ll see how that plays out next week.