The Struggle Is Kinda Real

The Struggle Is Kinda Real

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The Struggle Is Kinda Real

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Numenera: Tides of Torment

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Horizon: Zero Dawn

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Is it fun? Yes, yes it is. Is it sustainable for me? Ehhhh…well…I had my first mental thread pulled that I need to get moving or risk losing interest. Traditionally, that’s been the harbinger for actually losing interest, because I’m not as focused as I feel I should be. One of my missions is to get to the city of Meridian, and to do so I need to get passage out of the Nora lands by clearing out areas of corrupted robodinos. The map says one of those areas is level 15, and I’m level 11. I hate stuff like that, because it’s telling me that I must dick around and gain some levels. The game doesn’t care how I do it. Random hunting is fun and necessary, but my initial fears may be realized: the game’s main “cool thing” is fighting robodinos, so the design makes you do that as often as possible, even when it ends up being just busy work. I’m not so much a fan of that.

Sugar Shack

This has nothing to do with gaming.

My wife wanted to do something on Sunday and decided that we would be going to a sugar shack in the town of Temple. Heading out West from where we live puts us in God’s Country, NH: lots of wooded areas, few houses, hills, and winding dirt roads.

A sugar shack, for you urbanite or Southern folks, is where liquid gold is made: maple syrup. Being in New England means that visiting such a place is mandatory at least once in your life, whether through school or because you’re drunk and thought it might be interesting, and repeated visits to different locations tend to prove that all of these places are pretty much the same. However, this one place we visited was kind of different.

For one, they had acres of trees, with thousands of taps. Their method was also purely 21st century; whereas you might be familiar with the image of steel pails hanging off trees, collecting sap that flowed from the taps hammered into the trunks, this operation we visited was a web of blue tubing flowing through the woods like a massive circulatory network, drawing the sap from trees into the occasional two-story vat. I had never seen a tapping operation on this scale before, and we later learned that this particular operation was supplying syrup up and down the East coast.

They had one shed, 15 employees, and the company was owned by a dude in his 30s who wanted to get into syrup production since he was five years old. #Respect

Sharing is Caring

I bought both an XB1 and a PS4 because I don’t like having to decide between one or the other when it comes to being able to experience the games I want to experience. However, there’s another facet of this situation that is unavoidable: my daughter.

A while back she bought herself Tales of Berseria because she really liked the Tales of Zesteria. She’s not really a game-player these days. She used to live and breath Minecraft when she was younger but never really ran with the whole video game thing after that until she found the Tales games. The only reason she did was because of her genetic-level obsession with anime and all things Japanese.

Needless to say, ToB was obtained…for the PS4. That means so long as she’s playing that, I can’t get back to HZD. The situation is almost archaic in the same way families used to have to deal with just one television set. If dad wanted to watch The Big Game, then everyone else who might have had something that they wanted to watch had to do something else, like go outside or some other unspeakable horror. Or the days when there was only one telephone line in the house, and the teenager was monopolizing it, preventing anyone from making calls or even from calling in.

Those were dark times, kids. Dark times indeed. So I went back to The Elder Scrolls Online last night, which continues to be the most comfortable game I have on deck these days. Thank goodness for small favors.