The Struggle Is Kinda Real

The Struggle Is Kinda Real

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The Struggle Is Kinda Real

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Sharing is Caring

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Needless to say, ToB was obtained…for the PS4. That means so long as she’s playing that, I can’t get back to HZD. The situation is almost archaic in the same way families used to have to deal with just one television set. If dad wanted to watch The Big Game, then everyone else who might have had something that they wanted to watch had to do something else, like go outside or some other unspeakable horror. Or the days when there was only one telephone line in the house, and the teenager was monopolizing it, preventing anyone from making calls or even from calling in.

Those were dark times, kids. Dark times indeed. So I went back to The Elder Scrolls Online last night, which continues to be the most comfortable game I have on deck these days. Thank goodness for small favors.

What do you think?