A Long Time Coming – A New PC

A Long Time Coming – A New PC

Posted by on Mar 14, 2017 in Featured, Hardware

A Long Time Coming – A New PC


My current system is about 8 years old. It’s an Alienware (ignores boos from the crowd) and has had some minor upgrades over time — video, RAM, SSD, etc. It can still handle a good 90% of anything I’ve thrown at it but looking at specs for games like Mass Effect: Andromeda and Ghost Recon: Wildlands, as well as the perennial slog that is Star Citizen, I realize that the end of the road is well in sight.

Last year was supposed to be The Year, but my annual bonus had to be applied to our taxes and there was nothing left over to spend on a new PC. This year, however, checking off a different box on our tax forms landed us a nice little refund, which left my bonus available to use on upgrading (with appropriate permissions from The Boss, of course).

Here’s the damage:

  • Intel i7-7700K processor: I like to future proof, which is why my current machine lasted so long. The 7700K was just recently released and is roughly the same price as the 6700K.
  • MSI Z270 Gaming M7 1151 motherboard: This is probably way more hardware than I need. I’m not usually an overclocker, but in the interest of possibly squeezing out extra performance later on down the line, I figure that this mobo and the 7700K processor will let me last longer with this config than I would be able to otherwise.
  • Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR4 3000 RAM: I debated 16 or 32GB, but this is something I can always add to later on, so in the interest of offsetting the cost of the mobo, I went with 16GB for now.
  • Corsair Hydro H100i liquid cooling: Because now that I have had liquid cooling, I can’t go back to normal fans.
  • Corsair CXM750M BRONZE PSU: Again, way more than I’ll need, but when I need it, I’ll most certainly have it.
  • EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 SC ACX 3.0 Black Edition video: Video cards suck, because not only do they release new ones all the time, but each manufacturer has at least 8 different variations. Again, this is a “superclocked” version with a core clock speed of 1594MHz which is better than the original Founders edition I had been looking at, and it has the EVGA’s “ACX 3.0 fancy-ass cooling system”, which I’m sure is a way for them to charge more for their card.

The grand total was $1,264.94, most of which was the processor, the video, and the motherboard.

You may notice that some elements are missing, like the hard drives and a case. I have about 20 different cases in my house right now, including a nice one that is being used for my daughter’s PC which sits dormant 98% of the time (the other 2% is when I use it to run a Trade Wars server). I plan on moving her stuff to a lesser case so I can use the nicer one. I will also be re-purposing the 250GB SSD and the two 500GB platter drives in my current system. I anticipate having to upgrade the SSD in the next few years, if not sooner, because I’ve had it for a few years now, and although I only use it for the OS, the read/write limits are never far from my mind.