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Is it possible for a product designed to play obnoxious sounds and display irritating graphics on a live stream on command to execute at least some of these keyboard functions in Star Citizen? Supposedly, yes. See, from what I can gather, the Streamdeck isn’t much more than a really expensive “speed pad”, which has existed for many years under the names of Belkin Nostromo (now the Razer Orbweaver/Tartarus) and the Logitech G13. These products are little more than a small keyboard seated upon an ergonomic hand rest (although the G13 sports an LCD display of sorts), but it’s the programmable software that does the real work. Each key can be programmed to relay a normal key value, a key combo, activate an application or intrinsic command (in supported apps), or even a series of commands. I frequently use my Nostromo for games like The Secret World to allow me to move using the thumb stick and execute my attacks with the action keys. It allows me to place my hand in the comfortable position so I don’t have to wave around looking for the right key in the right situation.

So why the Streamdeck if I have a pile of speed pads already? Those keys, man! When talking about complex games like Star Citizen, it’s easier to pick an icon from a lineup or to find an acronym on a key that matches the acronym displayed in the game so there’s no need to remember which key combo has been assigned to which key doing what. While a regular speed pad would do just as well…those LCD keys for crying out loud!

The proof will be in the pudding, so they say. I should be getting a Streamdeck…(checks watch)…tomorrow, so I’m hoping that my understanding and expectations aren’t totally off base in regards to the functionality of this thing. Of course, I can also use it for streaming, but…who would know?

What do you think?