Grab Bag for Friday July 28, 2017

Grab Bag for Friday July 28, 2017

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Sometimes when I have nothing specific to talk about, I resort to the blogger’s standby, the grab-bag. I’m sure you’d figure that out upon reading, but I felt I needed a lead in of some sort. Toilet Bacon.

Fortnite, Streaming, and the Forward March

Despite the irritation over Fortnite devs looking to striate their consumers via third party partnerships, I jumped online last night to take on the role of quest-giver by streaming my gameplay for (hopefully) other Fortnite players.

Apparently, connecting your Twitch account to your game account is enough to earn you the streamer-side mission. You need to complete this mission in order to start the process of handing out viewer missions, I assume, based on the quest verbiage (“complete this mission to allow…” or something to that effect).

I would like to know if viewers all get missions, or if there’s a system which hands them out to random people who have connected their accounts; Out of the five viewers I had, the only two who played the game both received missions. Was that because everyone who plays and views were awarded, or was it simply because the viewing population was spare enough that the system just decided to pull an Oprah? Ideally, this could be a good carrot to bring in Fortnite players to smaller streams, since being one of just a few viewers means guaranteed quest assignments if granting said quest is based on percent chance.

We also found that although players are asked to choose an international data center as their home, there are no barriers to playing with people across oceans.

At the end of the stream, I had apparently reached a specific point in the progression that the game just started to vomit progress on me. I now have several missions, several survivor panels, and even some base defenders available to me. I can now be a random drop on other player’s shield defense missions as well. The same confusion still stands, although there are some rays of light peeking through here and there in terms of explanations.

Citadel: Forged with Fire

A few weeks ago a game magically appeared on our doorsteps. Citadel: Forged with Fire is a survivalbox game of the mystical arts which sees you starting out in the ruins of a castle with nothing but some rags on your frame. Like Fortnite, there’s not a lot of guidance as to how to proceed, and while I was given some skill points to use I misspent them and found myself scrounging for things to do in order to gain XP.

I have a love-hate relationship with survival games. On one hand, I think they have a crap-ton of potential simply because the players have nothing, and have to get something, and possibly everything. On the other hand, they are mind-numbingly tedious with their food and drink, and the incessant gathering. Once you unlock all the recipes, what else is there to do? Explore, sure, and take on the most powerful NPCs, but I can do most of that in any bread and butter MMO.

Citadel, for the time being, is more interesting than other survivalbox games I have played for a few reasons. First, no food and water, so you can just roam to your heart’s content. Second, your first weapon is a freakin’ magic wand, not an axe or a knife or spear. You are in 100% “just escaped from Azkaban” Harry Potter mode, and for some reason that just feels bad-ass. Third, the game is stupidly gorgeous. Wandering through the forest is just amazing and feels like a real forest (contrasted to many other games whose forests feel like a careful arrangement of resources resembling a forest). I’ve taken down elk, faeries, and the vampiric rabbit with my magical mana blasts, but I saw orcs and even a giant that I was not going to mess with. In fact, my first death was because I jumped in the water without realizing that it was actually an acid pool. Oopsie!

Gameplay wise, I’m not sure if this will hold up, but for first impressions, it’s knocking things out of the park. The only way this could be better at this point would be if there was a VR mode.

Yonder, Switch, and Other Remains

So I had purchased Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles when it was taking the Internet by storm because it was a combat-less exploration game that looked a lot like The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker with a little bit of Animal Crossing thrown in for flavor. I played for a few hours, but then Fornite arrived and I haven’t returned to Yonder and I feel kinda bad about that.

Not as bad as I feel about not having touched the Switch in a few days, though. I played a good amount of LoZ when it was all I had, but then I bought Splatoon 2 thinking that it would be a cool low consequence team shooter that I could just half-ass my way through and have fun while doing it. Instead, the control options just piss me off no matter which way I configure them, motion control or traditional stick aiming. I hadn’t tried the multiplayer, opting to give the single player a shot to get my squid-legs under me first, but when I got to the first boss I almost threw the Switch to the pavement in frustration. There’s nothing like pissing me off to make me want to never pick up a game again. Problem is, distance between myself and LoZ is getting wider, and the whole “playing while hanging out with the family” thing was nice on paper, but lacks the pull in practice. I’m waiting for a compelling game for the Switch at this point because I’m having pangs of buyer’s remorse…again.

Oh! And Kingsway. I had some Steam wallet funds so I picked up that RPG that looks like you’re playing within a Windows 3.1 desktop. It’s well worth the $9.99 and for something that looks stupidly simplistic, it’s actually a decent game. There’s no parties or online or loot progression. It’s just a straightforward old-school (in many ways, literally) RPG with some funky tongue-in-cheek elements that have made me laugh. It’s something I can play for a while when nothing else grabs me.

And shout outs to Master X Master and Secret World Legends. I haven’t forgotten you, so stop glaring at me from the desktop!


  1. I have HUGE buyer’s remorse around the Switch. I knew all those people saying “Zelda is BETTER than Horizon Zero Dawn” were Nintendo fanboys who just loved Zelda but I started drinking the koolaid. I mean, I’m not debating that FOR THEM Zelda is better than HZD (if you’ll remember they launched around the same time and I was swooning over HZD at the time) but for me Zelda is a big fat MEH. I just don’t like it very much at all. ARMS I played once. I keep picking up Zelda hoping it’ll grab me but nope.

    Last night I was going to play some Fortnite. I helped a few lower level randoms do their Shield Defense Missions but I need to do level 9+ mission to advance. I got to the lobby and thought about all the building I’d have to do in order to defend the thingie solo, and how much collecting I’d have to do after that to resupply…and I just went to play something else.

    I think it’d be nice if they added more combat-only missions, or even missions where there’s the bones of a fort already built and you just need to patch it up. Starting from zero every time has already gotten tedious for me. 🙁

    • Yeah I can see that. I hopped into a FN mission last night and spent a massive amount of time just harvesting. I also had to look for some items for various missions (that I never found). For me, I wish there was a zone where you could just do THOSE kinds of things, while also dealing with the roaming husks as opposed to the full experience of making a base. I got so many resources and enjoyed the free roam, but still had to deal with the entire kit and kaboodle.

      Also, FYI, Mindstrike and I tried creating a base that funneled husks down hallways, but they wanted none of that. They just hammered on the first available wall. Sad, really, because we built an elaborate maze intended to get them totally wrecked. In the end, we just stood at the entrance and killed them all by hand and they didn’t even get to the base. 🙁

      • Oh man that sucks. I feel like I’ve done things like if there are 2 ramps up a hill, if I block one the husks will tend to go over to the other one that is clear, but maybe I just imagined it.

        What I hate about the “Destroy 5 tool boxes” types of quests is that they don’t count if you don’t complete the mission. So you can’t just roam around, find and destroy them, then leave.

        My Twitch Quest I got from watching you stream was to collect 9 essences from those dwarf husks. After 2 missions I’d collected 2 essences and there’s a 24 hour limit on the quest so I gave up on it. It didn’t help that they’re a free-for-all drop and the other guys I was playing with were grabbing them too.

        It’s Early Access and I kind of believe that they’ll eventually hammer this into a fun game. The basic mechanics and the aesthetics seem decent, it’s just kind of the ‘meta’ that they need to tweak.

        • So here’s a crazy thing. I log in to look at my weapons because I’m thinking maybe they’re underpowered. But I can’t actually look at them without firing off a session, so I do that. And I find I have a blueprint that sounds pretty good and should be better than a weapon I’m using. So I go to level it up before I craft it.

          And I can’t! I have to LEAVE the session, level up the blueprint, then spin up a new session to actually craft it!

          Ridonculous. I know they have said they’re changing this, thank goodness, but who thought this was a good system in the first place!? LOL

          • Right? I had to explain that to Mindstrike last night. I can only guess that the developers were trying to push people towards certain actions that THEY felt were appropriate and fitting in their vision of what they wanted to convey…which in practice seems totally bizarre and ham-handed.

    • Also, I LIKE LoZ, but I’m not really fond of their environmental mechanics or their durability mechanics. I know they do that as a challenge, but things like that just kind of make me frown when I think about subjecting myself to them.

      Also, I need to get back to HZD at some point…

      • To me it just feels kind of empty, starting with Link who has no personality. And the rewards suck. I clear out a camp of baddies and the chest (which is the only reason to clear them out, it’s not like you get exp for killing them) gives me the same kind of weapon that I can find leaning against a house somewhere…it’s just deflating to me.

        • It’s certainly a game of intangibles. It is not a loot-progression game or even a leveling game. I’ve been looking at it as one part puzzle (the shrines, mostly, but sometimes getting to the shrines), one part exploration-for-exploration’s-sake. The only traditional RPGness that I’ve found was IN the shrines…I scored some seriously advanced weapons in there which was awesome…until they broke : /

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