Destiny 2

Posted by on Aug 29, 2017 in Editorial

I have pre-ordered Destiny 2, and was able to jump in when the servers opened on PC this past Monday, as one does.

I liked Destiny OK. I played a lot with a few folks on the Xbox One and managed to get through the main story line, and then some randomly chosen content after that, plus expansions. It was never my “go to” game, though, not even a back-up, in part because it was on the XB1, and I find consoles limiting in several ways that I personally need when gaming. Stopping Destiny was a hard stop: one day I was playing, and the next…I put it away and hadn’t been back since (part of the reason is that I sold off my XB1, but I have it on PS4…somewhere).

Why the hell would I pick up D2, then? Mainly because it’s on PC as well this time, and I figured that the volume of people who were shouting “hallelujah” in my social streams meant that we’d all be cross-crossing one another’s paths frequently enough that the game could be a first tier contender.

Thing is, I blew through the single player intro *cough* beta *cough* in about 15 minutes. It was Destiny, all right, albeit with a different control scheme on account of using the K&M this time around (which for me is infinitely better than the gamepad). Visually it was great. I felt that the game was solid in performance as well. I spent way too long in the courtyard of the Tower just killing off invading enemies because it was kind of fun. At level 20, these bad-ass mobs were little more than tissue paper, and even the named bosses were relatively inconsequential when super charged.

But my unease isn’t with the difficulty, especially since this was a teaser and not the opening of a continuing campaign picking up where Destiny left off (at least not unofficially). I don’t have that much of a connection to the Destiny universe, so the state of Earth, the Tower, and the Traveler are just canvases I have to plow through to reach the objective markers. I didn’t even know I was in the Tower courtyard until I was leaving it. As a shooter it’s very well done; as a game set in the Destiny universe…I guess it is that.

Once the single player *cough* beta * cough* was complete the only things left were two strikes and PvP. I didn’t have anyone to strike with, and PvP isn’t my thing, so that kind of wrapped up the event for me, which if we extrapolate over the entire offering means that Destiny 2 might be a pretty good game, but I don’t get any feeling from it or have any strong emotions about it. I guess I bought it because it seemed like the right thing to do at the time (I got it on reduced price, which was nice). I suppose the good thing is that Destiny was pretty soloable along the main quest line, so I might be able to plow through that and be done with it just so I can feel like I didn’t throw more money down the proverbial drain.

Shoutout to SweeperBot, though, in the North Tower Approach. That little dude’s presence was something I always laughed about in Destiny because his task seemed so mundane and never-ending, and true to form he’s still there, sweeping the same spot despite the fact that his workplace is in absolute ruin.


  1. I played the beta on PS4 and came away with the same feelings. It was just too anemic a demo/beta IMO. They should have given us a chunk of the ‘open world’ to piddle around in.

    I played Destiny a lot more than you did so I am theoretically more invested than you, but I’m kind of working to try to get myself hyped for launch next week (on console).

    Basically I’m hinging my hopes on all this talk of the stuff in the open world zones, and in particular the fact that the ‘public events’ are announced ahead of time so it’ll be easier to get to them. They’ve always been one of the more fun parts of the “playing alone with others” style of MP I do most often.

    I figure I’ll approach it like a single player game: expect to get 15 or 20 hours of fun out of it then move on.

    • I enjoyed it when I played, but I enjoyed it because I played 90% of it with other people. We polled our usual suspects for who is getting it and where they are getting it, and most of them who are getting it are getting it on XB1, which leaves me with the notoriously unreliable cadre of PC people as my only resource. So I’m already steeling myself for a relatively straightforward playthrough up to the point where something else catches my eye and I bury this game mostly forever.

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