Stuff I Look Forward To

Stuff I Look Forward To

Posted by on Aug 31, 2017 in Editorial, Project Gorgon, Shroud of the Avatar, Star Citizen

I feel like I’ve been too negative this week, so let’s talk about Stuff I’m Looking Forward To.

Star Citizen

Oh boy.

I was impressed by SC’s 2.6 preview. And 3.0 preview from last year. And 3.0 preview from this year. I know a lot of people have bad things to say about the project at an almost pathological, Internet-groupthink-mob level, but I’ve played what’s there and I see the progress that is being made. I’m sure we could have had something in hand by the point if Roberts and Company had aimed way, way lower, but it’s not like we’re left without anything to play in the meanwhile. Besides, people are always asking for more and different. That’s what Star Citizen is trying to be: a lot more and a lot different. I respect that, and I want that so I will wait for that.

Here, watch a very long video and try and enjoy yourself.

Shroud of the Avatar

Batting 1000 this morning.

SoA exists in that perpetual twilight region of readily available but not officially released. Kinda like Trove was. Or even Minecraft. I got the newsletter this morning and they’re on release 45! I don’t know how often they pump out those updates, but 45 is a pretty high number of releases for something that’s not quite complete. So far I’ve kind of bounced off attempts to really buckle down and play SoA, for which I blame myself. Still, the game has been on my mind recently.

Project Gorgon

Very small team, very ambitious project, very old school for those for whom old school has meaning. I don’t pine for the days when the difficulty was a factor of not knowing any better, but I do miss the dizzying depths of game systems that meant something. Like SoA, the current incarnation of PG is just formless enough for me to slide off (I need some level of structure and at least a little hand-holding to get started), but I really hope the team can get the project to a “release ready” state.

What do you think?