Background Noise – Starfinder Characters

Background Noise – Starfinder Characters

Posted by on Sep 7, 2017 in Starfinder, Tabletop and Board

I spent a good chunk of yesterday throwing down some ideas for the background for my Starfinder character. I then started to turn it into a story. I don’t know that I’ll get around to finishing the story, but I wanted to institutionalize the background both for posterity and for public edification of those who might be interested. So here goes.


Burmah Derrud was born on Absalom Station in the Sparks District to parents who worked on maintaining the alien retrofits of the human station. After spending his formative years learning the engineering trade like his parents and his younger sister Kela, Burmah decided he wanted to take some time to try his hand at something else.

Burmah moved up several levels and became a dock worker, loading and unloading cargo from freighters that visited the station. It wasn’t long before he was pulled into an organized crime ring involved with skimming cargo from select freighters. This was a particularly dangerous business because corporations were not known to be lenient with those caught stealing from them, but the criminal organization was large and shadowy enough to remain relatively untouchable…or so Burmah thought.

Due to a careless mistake by his dock partner, both he and Burmah were thrown under the bus by the Organization when station security investigated some missing stock. In a pure case of “the Prisoner’s Dilemma”, Burmah maintained the Organization’s stance that there was no crime, but his partner wasn’t as stoic: he pinned the blame on Burmah, effectively sentencing him to corporate justice.

Burmah had an ace up his sleeve, though: his sister’s husband was an officer with station security, and she convinced him to look after Burmah until the corporate prison ship made its stop at Absalom. Figuring that it was better to apologize than to ask permission, Burmah cold-cocked his brother in law, stole a security space suit after misdirecting attempts to locate his escape route, and fled to the Armada where he was able to stow away on a freighter destined to stop at Akiton.

On Akiton, Burmah learned that he was now considered a wanted criminal — not a high-risk, violent offender, but worthy enough to have a standard “capture and detain” level bounty on his head. He spent a good amount of time with a ysoki tribe, traveling with them on their annual scavenging hunts for technology in the starship boneyards. During this time Burmah constructed his first drone, a hover bot created to help out with his engineering duties in the tribe.

Despite the low-level manhunt for him, Burmah isn’t content to live out his days in relative anonymity on Akiton. He opted to trade his engineering services for open-ended passage on a starship that had made an emergency landing on Akiton for repairs. He has no other plans beyond taking each day as it comes.


In other news, I’ve opted to sign up for the subscription to their core content. Every few months, when Paizo publishes a new source book, they’ll auto-charge me, provide me with a PDF, and ship the hardcover to me without my having to do anything. One problem I have with RPGs (and games like X-Wing) is that they pump out content faster than I know and faster than I can afford later on down the line. I figured that I’m interested enough in this system that collecting some of the important books (like their first “creature source book” and later their “locations source book”) is worth keeping up with. As an added bonus, my friend Scott who does a lot of module translation work for Fantasy Grounds mentioned that having the sub will net us a discount on the eventual Starfinder FG content when it’s ready, which is an added bonus since FG is the only way I could possibly get to use any of this.

What do you think?