A Change to Levelcapped

A Change to Levelcapped

Posted by on Sep 25, 2017 in General

Just a heads up for folks who might be interested.

I’ve purged 98% of the posts from Levelcapped.com and have moved them to http://archive.levelcapped.comĀ for the following philosophical.

The writing was OK (asterisk)

I am assuming from the fact that no grammar Nazi has attacked any of my posts that my writing is OK. That or grammar Nazis lack the conviction of their craft to take on a whole post and are content to pouncing on “your/you’re” level mistakes.

Still, the asterisk is in regards to word count. I am verbose, and with the Internet transitioning over to video for all of our informational/’logging needs, following a link of potential interest and being met with a wall of text (usually sans images to add insult to injury) must be very irritating to many. Plus, I often felt like while I was using a whole lot of words, I wasn’t getting my core point across in a way that ensured it would be understood.

The tone was all wrong

Being negative is a “shields up” way of interacting, and being positive is a “shields down” way of interacting. I think to explain this fully would require its own post, but being negative or sullen or grumpy about subjects has become Internet 101 and there are literally thousands of places where you can find people bashing and complaining about stuff. There was a time when I was more upbeat about things, but that was back before Gamergate and the overall toxic culture we’re mired in these days. Despite the circumstances, I want to be a more positive force, rather than lean back into the easy chair of negativity.

The focus was all wrong

I spent a lot of time worrying about engagement, visitors, and page views. Since blogging isn’t the powerhouse it once was, I realize that worrying about those things is like worrying if your fireplace would survive if your house burnt down. Or something like that. The WHY of blogging shouldn’t be about popularity, but of expression and the sharing of ideas with those who want to partake of them. I am not making money off of this, and my reach is rather insular, so best to focus on those I can reach rather than trying to increase the circle of those I have not yet reached.

The voice was all wrong

Every time I wrote a post, I had increasingly negative feelings that I was using “I” way too often. Maybe in shorter posts, it could be forgiven, but in the kinds of posts you’d see on this site, the number of “I”s made each post seem (to me) like it was more concerned with me, and not so much about the actual topic. This IS an opinion blog, not a news site or an official outlet of any kind, but this is something that I (dammit!) need to work on.

I like this better than previous “scorched earth” purges of content because amidst more hum-drum posts there were a few gems that I liked and that other people seemed to like. I hope to do better for you, for myself, and for anyone who is just finding this site, going forward.