Game Over Man – Divinity: Original Sin II Level Editor

Game Over Man – Divinity: Original Sin II Level Editor

Posted by on Oct 3, 2017 in Divinity: Original Sin II

Game Over Man – Divinity: Original Sin II Level Editor

OK, I’ve now posted about Divinity: Original Sin II: The Game and Divinity: Original Sin II: The GM Mode, but Larian keeps on giving and yesterday afternoon I found out that they have released Divinity: Original Sin II: The Level Editor. This means that all other games can go home now, as far as I am concerned. Their presence is no longer needed for the remainder of 2017.

In The GM Mode post, I likened what Larian was doing to the beloved Neverwinter Nights toolkit, but pulling up just shy of offering the level of customizability that NWN‘s tools offered in being able to lay down terrain, drop in buildings, and add placeable objects. The DOSII editor allows for this exact kind of manipulation.

If you’re interested in modding the game but aren’t content to use the levels included with the base package, you can follow the (currently incomplete) information on the Divinity Engine Wiki (which also contains documentation on the GM mode), and you can check out this informational video which shows the toolset in action.

After learning of the video I rocketed over the wiki because the last bit of information that I needed was “is there scripting?”. Of course there’s scripting, but the documentation is a work in progress so it remains to be seen exactly how — with examples — this can be used, and whether or not it’s “portable” like the NWN scripting system was (i.e. can scripts be attached to objects which can be used in conjunction with other objects, although thinking about the game, which has a “use object with” option in the right-click menu, I am willing to bet your left eyeball that it does).

This talk of a level editor is the kind of thing that might zip right past people’s interest, but for me, it’s really the icing on an otherwise already delicious cake. I love to be able to create stuff and creating content for games — while something that I usually never get around to finishing or if I do, publishing — is very relaxing and exciting for me. I can’t wait to find some time to dig into the documentation and try the editor, although I’m not exactly sure what I’ll be looking to make. Probably something for the GM mode to start, because that seems to be the “easier” option as it’s mainly creating terrain and features that a GM can further customize. Creating an entire adventure — basically a free community DLC — is one of the more daunting options, and for me to do something like that I’d need to know the extent of the tools and the greatest limitations.

Now I just need to find my notes from my NWN adventure editor…