Routine Maintenance

Posted by on Jan 2, 2018 in Editorial

After having taken a two-week vacation from work at the end of the year a few years ago, I vowed never to do so again. The levels of boredom reached epic proportions. Sadly, this happened again this year as a result of a “use em or lose em” pile of vacation days coupled with a lack of desire to actually get out of bed in the morning. I maintain my regret, though. Vacations are nice, but seeing as how we’re A) in the aftermath of the Holiday Season and there’s little money to spend, and B) it’s supernaturally cold outside here in the NE, there’s not a hell of a lot to do during vacation.

“Play games!” you might shriek in an unnaturally shrill voice that surprises even you. I tried, but the general ennui that I was suffering before vacation was only amplified by the prevalent lack of routine. In getting up at the crack of Whenever, maybe eating breakfast, brunch, or lunch depending on the hour, taking care of whatever in the house is making noise/smelling weird/impeeding locomotion, then maybe lunch, linner, or dinner, who knows what falls in between? TV? Reading? Naps? Errands? Occasionally, gaming? I merely went where the spirit moved me, which unfortunately wasn’t in a gaming direction most of the time, and when I did sit down to play something, I was absolutely uninspired by literally everything within my reach.

As many can understand, I dreaded coming back to work after being away for so long, but I was also looking forward to it because my work schedule is a known quantity in my life. I can schedule things to happen according to that routine. I don’t know if it’ll allow me to want to game any more than I did before the vacation (I suspect not), but at least I can now have a time slot for most everything in my life again.

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