Some Actions Are Not Half-Assed

Some Actions Are Not Half-Assed

Posted by on Feb 1, 2018 in Consoles, Monster Hunter World

I will not defend my actions; they are my own, and I do not owe an explanation. Truth is, I have no good explanation for why I went and bought an XB1X and Monster Hunter World yesterday. I do have a rationale, though, which goes a little something like this.

I bought the XB1X because I felt that this was a good way to be able to play with others. As primarily a PC gamer, I have been unable and or unwilling to impose myself on others, or haven’t been playing what they play, or haven’t been sufficiently reassured that my presence was welcome. The last time I was actually able to play consistently with people was when I played Destiny with my local friends on the Xbox. When we got tired of that and had nothing else to transition to, though, I sold my XB1 to pay for the PSVR and PSPro upgrade, leaving me with no decent conduit through which to play with others. Now, however, additional local friends have Xbox consoles, and since we have a standing schedule on Monday nights to play together on PC, maybe switching to the Xbox once in a while could be in the cards.

I also bought the XB1X over the XB1S because of the vague promise of VR on the Xbox platform. I firmly believe that the Xbox will support existing Windows Mixed Reality HMDs. The PSVR has been gaining surprising steam over time, and I think that VR is a very slow burn and not the absolute and utter failure the look-at-me crowd claimed it would be. Having VR on the Xbox will be grand, so I wanted to make sure that I had an Xbox that could really support it at the same level my PC can.

And about Monster Hunter World. What can I say? Part of my reticence about the game was due to the grindy nature of it, which is unavoidable but manageable; there’s not an MMO player on the planet who hasn’t gained some level of callouses as a result of grind. The other, more pressing concern was the soloability of the game. It seemed like the kind of game that required a group, but from what I’ve been seeing a lot of folks in my circles have been mostly going it alone. Part of this is because apparently the grouping features of the game suck eggs, which makes the SOS flares seem to be the de facto grouping method for when it’s absolutely necessary to have someone join the fight.

The question is, then: why did I get it on Xbox and not PS4, where I know people who are already playing? Well, I guess there’s an element from the opening paragraphs involved in that decision. I had no illusions that just because I bought it on PS4 that I’d have people to play with just because they were also playing it there. Removing that, it was six of one, half dozen of another as far as which platform. Since I had the XB1X in my hands, I figured that was as a good a sign as any to go with the XB version.

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  1. As you know, I have traditionally been in Camp Sony pretty solidly. My Xbox One (the old launch edition) was mostly a streaming/TV machine. But since I got the Xbox One X, everything has changed. It runs things so nicely. It’s so quiet, and MS seems to be trying really hard to win back fans.

    I am mostly playing MHW on PS4 Pro because, as you mentioned, most of the people I know play there. But I also bought a copy on XBX because that’s where I prefer to play these days. It’s a really sweet console.

    Sorry for drooling all over your comment section!

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