A Joyful Noise

[This post marks the return of Adventure Co. Brand Adventure Company to Levelcapped. I’ll be slowly moving the previous entries from the other blog back here. Slowly.] When we last left our heroes, the ranger was loitering around the atrium, the bard and monk were sitting around the dinner table, and the fighter was in her […]

Slipping In Through The Side Door

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably aware that I’ve gone back on my word (if you remember my word). I closed Levelcapped a few months ago because I was tired of blogging for a specific community. As usual, the tone of my posts was trending towards the negative, or at least the defeatist. Although most […]

Wildstar Edition!

Last week, the rumors started about Wildstar possibly making movements towards free/buy to play. Thanks to a promotion, I picked up another copy of the box and reinstalled, only to find the starting zones I was in devoid of human life. Where is everyone who is actively playing Wildstar? Was the design decision to make […]