Levelcapped A Gaming Blog! How Novel!


The idea of being "level-capped" in an MMO means different things to different people. For some, it's a goal. For others, it's a start of the end game. Regardless of the connotation, someone who has reached the level cap in an MMO has been around the block, has seen the sights, has (theoretically) mastered the ins and outs of that specific game, and can speak with confidence on the subject of that game.

The contributors to Levelcapped have many, many years experience with MMOs, and more so with gaming in general. Some of us have stuck with one or two games over the years, while others have jumped from game to game before reaching the cap. We've experienced a broad range of game systems and community attitudes over the years, and want to bring out point of view to the gaming public.

Our articles here at Levelcapped strive to be positive. We're not interesting in flame-baiting for page views. There's plenty of places you can go on the Internet to learn why you shouldn't play a particular game, so we want to give you our opinion on why you should. As we see it, there's no bad games, just bad attitudes. We also don't feature guides or strategies; the way we see it, we all play for reasons that are our own, and conforming to someone else's idea of how we should play defeats the purpose of why we play.