Adventure Co Is Hiring


Can you swing a sword? Sling a spell? Pick a lock? Are you looking for a new opportunity to grow as an adventurer, to visit new and exciting places, and fight Unimagined Evil?

If you enthusiastically answer YES! to any of the above questions and are between the levels of 1 and 20, then Adventure Co Brand Adventure Company wants YOU to join it’s premiere band of professionals.

Duties include:

  • Angering old gods
  • Foiling nefarious plots
  • Discovering ancient civilizations which are hatching nefarious plots involving old gods

And your responsibilities would include:

  • Stabbing things
  • Shooting things
  • Spelling…things
  • Being where you probably shouldn’t
  • Taking things which obviously aren’t yours
  • And of course, saving the world, thereby earning the eternal adoration of millions of unwashed peasants with halitosis, and the sexy lords and ladies who rule over them.

Enough of this arcane language! Give me the details!

  • Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition with no add-ons (i.e. none of the ancillary race or class choices)
  • Currently playing through the Rise of Tiamat module of the Tyranny of Dragons campaign
  • We play Wednesday nights starting at 9PM EDT until roughly 11PM EDT
  • We use Fantasy Grounds Ultimate, which means that you can use the FREE edition of FG to connect
  • We use Discord for live voice chat
  • The Fantasy Grounds edition of Player Handbook is made available to help with character creation
  • We currently have an elven ranger, gnome bard, gnome monk, and human bard who thinks he’s a wizard, but any class you want to roll is welcome!

Here’s the Fine Print

We are a group of long-term D&D players who are looking for a regular 5th to round out the party to module specifications.

Our play style is what I like to call “casual plus”. This means that we’re dedicated to the game, the story, and roleplaying, but we’re not slaves to the rules. Our general motto is that fun and enjoyment take precedence over dice rolling and reference materials. We prefer to keep the action flowing, the participation high, and the dissection of the numbers low. We primarily use the dice to determine “player vs nature” or “player vs enemies”, which means if it makes sense to do, then go ahead and do it, but if there’s some obstacle — distraction, forces working against you, a potential to get it really right or really wrong, or active opposition — then we’ll be bringing the numbers into play.

We try very hard to not turn this into a miniatures game. Our maps and tokens are used for general relative placement and to allow players a sense of immersion. Sometimes we lapse into “wargaming”, but again, “wargaming lite”. We don’t do movement (unless it makes sense, like covering the distance of a football field, and even then only in rough terms), encumbrance, or worry too much about terrain unless it plays into the special mechanics of the encounter. Overall, we’re after a fast, fluid combat experience without getting bogged down in measurements and tracking.

We use Fantasy Grounds because it’s the most full-featured, robust virtual tabletop system available today. Character creation and management is a drag and drop affair, resulting in fewer issues when rolling a new character or leveling up. FG’s automation allows us to focus on the game and less on the hunting for the correct way to roll dice: to attack, click the enemy in the combat tracker and click on the To Hit text. To resolve damage, click on the weapon or spell’s damage values. All of the numbers are applied where they need to be without the messy pile of eraser shavings.

Adventure Co is a very laid back group; we are all playing to have fun, and sometimes that means we’re prone to getting off track. Still, we’re dedicated to the gameplay and the story, and work hard to find creative ways to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks. We don’t take the “DM vs Players” attitude you might find at other tables; this is a story in which we’re all participating, and it’s in everyone’s best interest to see it through. Still, mistakes are made on both sides of the table; death can and might occur. We are focused but fair.

If you’re interested in signing up, contact Chris via Twitter or leave a comment here. While we’ve got an aggressive schedule for finding our Fifth, we’ll certainly keep all those interested in mind for future endeavours.

Adventure Party