Adventure Co.



The ongoing adventures of Adventure Co. Brand Adventure Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of D&D Fifth Edition.
The origins of Adventure Co. Brand Adventure Company (hitherto referred to as “ACO”) have been lost to the mists of time (like, two or three years ago). The myths and rumors that survive tell of an intrepid group of adventurers finding their way into the dark dungeons below a Keep on the Borderlands, where they faced an unimaginable evil and paid for it with their lives.

But the name Adventure Co. lives on (because it’s a corporate brand and therefor the owner retains all rights to use the brand as it sees fit), now in the form of a just-as-intrepid group of adventurers who have destroyed the Hoard of the Dragon Queen and are now seeking to foil the Rise of Tiamat.

These are their stories (or at least a creative retelling from the point of view of me, the DM).

  • Zalandrin Silverthorn – Wood Elf Ranger
  • Tinda Bronzenote – Rock Gnome Bard
  • Elrynn Leafwind – Forest Gnome Monk

Adventure Co. meets every Thursday at 9PM EDT courtesy of Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop and Discord.

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