Switched Off

Posted by on Oct 26, 2017 in Consoles

It’s been a while since I acquired the Nintendo Switch, and I have to say that despite all the best intentions, it’s a solid regret.

The first game I bought was Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild because of course it was. It was, at the time, the game that demonstrated the benefits of the Switch: on TV or on the move, it was fully featured and looked amazing. Problem was, I didn’t like a lot of the design decisions that the game got praised for, like the weather conditions and the weapon durability being measured in structure-loss-per-swing. I couldn’t enjoy the world enough when I was worried about ending up dying of exposure as I fought off monsters with my bare fists.

I got Splatoon 2 because Splatoon looked like a whole lot of fun. Spoiler alert: It’s not. The wonky motion controls just suck, and the resistance on the joycons just isn’t precise enough for my liking.

I went with some smaller games, then, like Cave Story and Human Resource Machine. I played both for a good while — longer than BotW — but neither made me want to run back to the Switch when I was looking for something to do.

I picked up Mario + Rabbids and that was also fun for a while, but lacked depth. I recently got yet another copy of Stardew Valley figuring that since I liked Harvest Moon/Rune Factory on the DS, and enjoyed SDV on PC, then having such a low-key game on a larger portable would make a lot of sense. Turns out it didn’t.

So on the eve of the release of the Mario Odyssey game, which is getting “return of Christ” level scores, I had to re-evaluate again. Could this game be the one that opens up my heart to the magic of the Switch? The angel on one shoulder says that it’s worth a shot, but the devil on the other shoulder reminds me that every other attempt at The One has ended in misery. I’m not a massive Mario fan anyway, and the Mario gameplay isn’t something I’d seek out.

At this point, I’m questioning whether the plan to jump on Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is going to happen for me. XB2 certainly seems like the kind of game I’d play, and I keep saying that being able to play on the move is some kind of a big plus, but in reality…it hasn’t been. I’ve tried, gawd knows I’ve tried. But it’s just not happening for me. Even my mantra of “bathroom Skyrim” isn’t enough to make me excited anymore.

I’m sure there might be someone out there reading this who are getting excited about recommending some titles for me, but I think the ship has sailed. I might consider some of the *gasp* party games and hope that using it as a focal point for local group gaming is something that happens. Barring that, keep an eye on eBay for a lightly used Switch in the near future, maybe.

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