Starfinder – Ghost in the Machine

Posted by on Sep 27, 2017 in Starfinder

While Paizo offers an Adventure Path for Starfinder, I’ve decided to forgo published modules and start with a homebrew adventure tentatively called Ghost in the Machine.

I have a basic idea of what the first adventure will be about, but I’m working on A) fleshing it out, and B) figuring out how to use it as a gateway to a larger campaign. To that end, I’m at the point where I’m struggling with a venue in which to draft the proceedings. Workspace is a Big Deal for me because I need to feel comfortable that I have an environment where I can record everything that I need, and have all of that info on hand when I need it. Right now, Scrivner is my weapon of choice.

Beyond that, I need to get into the mindset that anything I put down will be a guideline at best for how things proceed. Namely, state the situation, the background machinations, create important personalities and their locations at points and time in the situation, and let the players take it from there. If modules have taught me anything its that strict adherence to a particular path is a sure way to remove all player and GM agency from an adventure, and I don’t want to go down that road again.

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