Thanksgiving Recap 2017

Posted by on Nov 28, 2017 in Editorial, Scopique Plays, Virtual Reality

I don’t really have anything pressing to say here but feel that I should surface from time to time in order to justify the cost of renewing the domain, so here goes.

As one might expect, I spent a lot of time with the Odyssey HMD. I finally got a VR version of Minecraft, which is amazing. I started hollowing out a mountain in order to build my own “Hall of the Mountain King”. VR gives the game a sense of scale that you really don’t get in 2D, so building a personal Moria is one hell of an ambitious and worthwhile goal, IMO.

I also “played” a bit of Elite Dangerous in VR. Seriously, if you played ED in VR and weren’t convinced about the immersion, you’d be lying to yourself. I docked with The Genosis, which was leaving its system for the last stop on its tour. I did some light trading because I didn’t want to (literally) miss the bus, but docking and undocking has never been so friggin amazing as it is in VR.

During the holiday sales, I picked up an AG racing game called Redout, which has VR support, though the WMR support isn’t 100% solid with this one. Still, anti-gravity racing from the cockpit with full frontal vision is quite the experience, I can tell you that. I also got Tilt Brush and Google Earth VR, both of which are cool exercises but I can’t see any practical use of either except to show the capabilities of VR.

In non-VR news, I finished Star Wars Battlefront II‘s campaign. People say it’s short, and I guess it is compared to Skyrim, but I also don’t weld my ass to a chair and blow through the scenery in a mad rush to get something done. That’s a blessing — I take time to experience the game, yo — and a curse, considering how easy it is for me to get disrupted and move on to something else. I felt the campaign was extremely well done, although the flying portions were a bit too easy. I kept waiting for a plot-twist but it never came. In fact, depending on how “canon” this story is, it could really set up the bridge between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. As it is, it explains why there’s a Star Destroyer face-planted on Jakku for Rey to scavenge from. Maybe, it explains more than that…

Speaking of disruption and moving on to something else, I restarted Horizon: Zero Dawn. When we last left my Aloy clone, she was at the Ring of Metal fending off a never-ending spawn of killers that were literally piling up at the doorway. Because an NPC seeing a corpse alerts the NPC to trouble, I couldn’t fight my way through the carnage to get to where I needed to be.

This time, though, I started over on “Story” mode because I’m more interested in the story than I am in achievement. I’ve already gotten past the Ring of Metal stage and have made it to Meridian where there are so many side-quests and errands to pick up that I’m kind of getting antsy. I’d like to just stay on the main quest and get through it, and then double back and play for cleanup and exploration if the game allows.

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