Who Wants To Live Forever

There’s controversy swirling around the decision to remove offline play in Elite: Dangerous. Many people who backed the game on the promise of a non-connected mode are up in arms partly because they backed the project for the offline game, but beyond that there’s the concern that some day the Frontier servers may be turned off, […]

Forge.gg; Learning To Swim in RIFT

Forge.gg Late last week something came flying out of left field. It’s called Forge.gg, and it’s another video game streaming service. Hold up! Let’s just discuss this for a moment. See, streaming is mainly good for the dedicated folks who want to build a brand for themselves, either financially or socially. It takes a lot […]

Dragon Age: Inquisition – The Skyrim of Video Games

I’ve kind of had it with BioWare. It’s nothing specific, and nothing bad, really. I’m just not as enamored with their design and mechanics choices anymore. And yet… I never finished either previous Dragon Age game (I know…gasp in surprise all you want. I can wait) so I can’t even fathom why I’d consider Dragon Age: Inquisition. I have […]

Psych!; Star Citizen News; #TSW Halloween Woes; Can’t Be Bothered

Psych! I said I wouldn’t be talking so much about Elite: Dangerous going forward, but I guess like most everything else, I should give all sentiments a cooling off period before I make statements about them. The thought was that I felt that the game needs more mechanical reasons to “do things”, but that the […]