Into The Dragon’s Den #AdventureCo #DND5E

Not the literal dragon’s den; we haven’t gotten quite that far, although you know in a module entitled “Hoard of the Dragon Queen” that there’ll be a showdown with dragons at some point. We’d been on hiatus from our campaign for quite some time due to the holiday schedule and erratic results of adulthood, so […]

I Think I’ve Found My Calling

I’ve been a video game consumer for some 30 odd years. I’ve been blogging about them since the mid-90s. I really do feel that I’ve wrung about as much out of where I am now as I possibly can with what I have access to, so I have two options — step up my game, or get […]

Episodic Gaming Ramps Up

The one thing that’s been my Achilles Heel when it comes to gaming is the length of time it takes to complete a game. My attention span, I’ve learned, is just fine; instead, I’m too easily tempted by something new, since I like the learning curve and the notion that everything is shiny when I […]

Have A Quickie – Subsite for #EliteDangerous

Just a quick post to let folks who care know that I’m moving my Elite: Dangerous obsession over to another blog entitled “Flying Blind”. If you’ve found through Elite: Dangerous channels, or are interested in future updates and discussion about the game, then you might consider shifting your focus to for future game updates. For everyone […]