Man, where to start?

If you were following the situation yesterday, you’re aware that Bungie wasn’t sending out beta keys to PSx beta participants until about 1pm PDT, which meant that everyone and their fireteam clogged the pipes on PSN trying to download the game. Sony’s infrastructure apparently couldn’t handle the load (which is baffling to me), despite the fact that the PSN-sourced game launcher was only a few megabytes in size. Once the duties were handed off to Bungie’s servers for the rest of the 10GBs, things went pretty smooth.

Right off the bat, the game has made significant improvements over the alpha. For one, the “Wizard From The Moon” is no longer your first encounter. Instead, you’re put on the trail of a series of story missions that start with you being resurrected by your Ghost (your body is outside the Cosmodrome in Russia, yet you have no accent), and then tutorialized towards finding a way to fly home to the Tower. After that, you engage in several story missions which culminate in a boss fight, get your score and some loot, and can then return to the Tower, or continue on your way to the next mission. The free roam play is also available, and retains the beacon-one-off system from Alpha.

I went with the Titan this time, thinking that the “tank-ness” of the character would lead to enhanced survival over my previous hunter character. It doesn’t seem that way, but a lot has changed. The enemies see tougher, and because they spawn in identifiable areas, standing IN those areas will drop a whole heap of bad guys on top of you. That quickly devolves into a lot of messiness. I need to investigate my choice of weapons, though, which may be more of the culprit.

Other than that, the game is much like it was in the alpha, but with more improvement. That’s what we like to see in an alpha to beta progression, and it looks like Destiny is on track for a good solid release in September.

You can also use the Bungie website to view your character, and to create and communicate with your clan. My profile is here, and the Alliance of Awesome clan can be found here. Not sure if you need to be logged into the Bungie site to see them, though.