Destiny; D&D 5E Prep; Fleet Nights; ArcheAge; Psycho Pass

My calendar is shot. I totally forgot today was Wednesday, so this post is coming in later than usual. Destiny Destiny is still going on. I’ve slowed my advance a bit, since the missions are getting more nerve-wracking when done solo. I’m susceptible to atmosphere, which is why I don’t like horror movies or games […]

Obligatory Post Launch #Destiny Post

So Destiny launched yesterday. I think I’ve only heard one person (personally) who’s had any issues getting into the servers, which if representative of the wider situation, would make this a stellar launch for a persistent online game…maybe even an interstellar launch. HA! Anyway… I’ve got nothing to say that hasn’t been said. During Alpha and Beta, the […]


Man, where to start? If you were following the situation yesterday, you’re aware that Bungie wasn’t sending out beta keys to PSx beta participants until about 1pm PDT, which meant that everyone and their fireteam clogged the pipes on PSN trying to download the game. Sony’s infrastructure apparently couldn’t handle the load (which is baffling […]